• 2011-01   Flexible Multi-scale Image Alignment Using B-Spline Reparametrization -Theoretical Analysis
    by Zhucui Jing and Guoliang Xu   download(pdf)
  • 2011-02   A Geometric Flow Approach for Region-based Image Segmentation
    by Juntao Ye and Guoliang Xu download(pdf)
  • 2011-03   Multilevel Correction For Collocation Solutions of Volterra Integral Equations With Proportional Delays
    by Junmin Xiao and Qiya Hu download(pdf)
  • 2011-04   Gradient Flow Based Semi-implicit Finite Element Method and its Convergence Analysis for Image Reconstruction
    by Chong Chen and Guoliang Xu download(pdf)
  • 2011-05   Semi-Implicit Finite Element Method and its Convergence of Single-Particle Reconstruction Using L2-Gradient Flow
    by Guoliang Xu and Chong Chen download(pdf)
  • 2011-06   A Type of Multigrid Method for Eigenvalue Problem
    by Qun Lin and Hehu Xie download(pdf)
  • 2011-07   A Newton-Penalty Method for A Simplified Liquid Crystal Model
    by Qiya Hu and Long Yuan download(pdf)
  • 2011-08   Hohenberg-Kohn Theorem for Coulomb Type Systems and Its Generalization
    by Aihui Zhou download(pdf)
  • 2011-09   An Extended Multistep Shanks Transformation and Convergence Acceleration Algorithm With Their Convergence and Stability Analysis
    by Jian-Qing Sun,Xiang-Ke Chang,Yi He and Xing-Biao Hu download(pdf)
  • 2011-10  An Efficient High Order Heterogeneous Multiscale Method For Elliptic Problems
    by Ruo Li, Pingbing Ming and Fengyang Tang download(pdf)









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