• 2012-01   A Fast Classification Method for Single-Particle Projections with a Translation and Rotation Invariant
    by Xia Wang and Guoliang Xu   download(pdf)
  • 2012-02   A Second Order Finite Difference-Spectral Method for Space Fractional Diffusion Equation
    by Jianfei Huang, Ningming Nie and Yifa Tang   download(pdf)
  • 2012-03   Convergence of a Force-Based Hybrid Method in Three Dimension
    by Jianfeng Lu and Pingbing Ming   download(pdf)
  • 2012-04   Ghost Force Influence of A Qusicontinuum Method in Two Dimension
    by Jingrun Chen and Pingbing Ming   download(pdf)
  • 2012-05   An H-Ã Formulation for the Three-Dimensional Eddy Current Problem in Laminated Structures
    by Peijun Li and Weiying Zheng  download(pdf)
  • 2012-06   An Adaptive Anisotropic Perfectly Matched Layer Method for 3-D Time Harmonic Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
    by Zhiming Chen, Tao Cui and Linbo Zhang  download(pdf)
  • 2012-07   Banded Toeplitz Preconditioners for Toeplitz Matrices from Sinc Methods
    by Zhi-Ru Ren  download(pdf)
  • 2012-08   On an Integrable Discretisation of the Lotka-Volterra System
    by Yang He and Yajuan Sun  download(pdf)
  • 2012-09   Convergence Rate and Quasi-Optimal Complexity of Adaptive Finite Element Computations for Multiple Eigenvalues
    by Xiaoying Dai, Lianhua He, and Aihui Zhou  download(pdf)
  • 2012-10   A Type of Multi-level Correction Method for Eigenvalue Problems by Nonconforming Finite Element Methods
    by Hehu Xie  download(pdf)
  • 2012-11   Convergence Analysis for Spectral Approximation to a Scalar Transport Equation with a Random Wave Speed
    by Tao Zhou and Tao Tang  download(pdf)
  • 2012-12   Approximations by Orthonormal Mapped Chebyshev Functions for Higher-dimensional problems in Unbounded Domains
    by Jie Shen, Li-Lian Wang and Haijun Yu  download(pdf)
  • 2012-13   Geometric Partial Differential Equations for Space Curves
    by Guoliang Xu  download(pdf)
  • 2012-14   A Weighted Variational Formulation with Wave Basis Functions for Solving Helmholtz Equations
    by Qiya Hu and Long Yuan  download(pdf)
  • 2012-15   An Iterative Method for Computing Beltrami Elds on Bounded Domains
    by Junmin Xiao and Qiya Hu  download(pdf)
  • 2012-16   Convergence Analysis of the Formal Energies of Symplectic Methods for Hamiltonian Systems
    by Ruili Zhang, Yifa Tang, Beibei Zhu, Xiongbiao Tu and Yue Zhao  download(pdf)










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