2023-12-01 Friday Sign in CN

Diagrammatic Monte Carlo Methods for Open Quantum Systems
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Dr. Zhenning Cai, National University of Singapore
Weiying Zheng, Professor
Diagrammatic Monte Carlo Methods for Open Quantum Systems
Time and place:
15:00-17:00 June 1 (Thursday), N202

In reality, all quantum systems are coupled to the environment, causing the system to exhibit some classical behavior. In this talk, we consider the open quantum system coupled to a harmonic bath. In the case where coupling is weak, we can mimic Feynman’s methodology to represent the dynamics as the sum of infinite diagrams, each of which stands for an integral after expanding the observable with respect to the small coupling parameter. Furthermore, bold diagrams can be defined as the sum of many diagrams with similar structures. We will discuss how we can use the diagrammatic representation to accelerate the computation of observables in open quantum systems. In particular, we will consider a specific diagrammatic method called the inchworm method and study its application to the spin chain models. Through this application, we will also reveal the limitations of the current method and point out some future directions.

报告人简介:Dr. Zhenning Cai, Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore.