Publications  of  2000:


Papers published in research journals :

1.Zhong-Zhi Bai , A class of asynchronous parallel iterations for the systems of nonlinear algebraic equations, Comput.&Math. with Appl.,39(2000),81-94.

2.Zhong-Zhi Bai , Sharp error bounds of some Krylov subspace methods for non-Hermitian linear systems, Appl.Math.Comput.,109(2000),273-285.

3.ZhiMing Chen,Tsimin Shih, Xingye Yue, Numerical methods for Stefan problems with prescribed convection and nonlinear flux, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis,20(2000),81-89.

4.ZhiMing Chen, Ricardo H.Nochetto, A.Schmidt, A characteristic Galerkin method with adaptive error control for the continuous casting problem, Comput.Methods Appl.Mech.Engrg.,189(2000),249-276.

5.Zhiming Chen, Qiang Du, Jun Zhou, Finite element methods with matching and nonmatching meshes for Maxwell equations with discontuous coefficients,SIAM J.Numer.Anal.,37(2000),1542-1570.

6.Zhiming Chen, Ricardo H.Nochetto, Residual type a posteriori error estimates for elliptic obstacle problems,Numer.Math.,84(2000),527-548.

7.Zhiming Chen, Qiang Du,An upwinding mixed finite element method for a mean field model of superconducting vortices, Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis,34(2000),687-706.

8.Zhiming Chen, Ricardo H.Nocktto, A.Schmidt, Error control and adaptivity for a phase relaxation model, Math.Model.Numer.Anal.,34(2000),775-797.

9.J.Z.Cui,H.Liang,ApplicMion of conception of distance for the genetic algorithm,computational Engineering Using Metaphors from Nature,2000,99-103.

10.Y.H.Dai,Y.Yuan,A nonlinear conjugate gradient method with a strong global convergence property,SIAM J.Optim.,10(1999),177-182.

11.Yuhong Dai,Jiye Han,Ya-Xiang Yuan,G.H.Liu,D.F-Sun, H.X.Yin,Convergence properties of nonlinear conjugate gradent methods,SIAM J.Optim.,10(1999),345-358.

12.Jiu Ding , Aihui Zhou , Absolutely continuous invariant measures for piecewise C and expanding mappings in higher dimensions , Discerte and Continuous DynamicaI Systems,6(2000),451-458.

13.Jiu Ding, Aihui Zhou , Computing fixed points of quasi-compact Frobenius Perron operators,Nonliear Analysis,39(2000),231-239.

14. Jiu Ding, Aihui Zhou , On the spectrum of Frobenius-Perron operator , .Math.Anal.APPl.,250(2000),610-620.

15.Qiang Du ,Max D.Gunzhurger,A gradient method approach to optimization-based multidisciplinary simulations and nonoverlapping domain decomposition algorithms ,SIAM J.Numer.Ana1.,37(2000),1513-1541.

16.Qiang Du ,Convergence analysis of a numerical method for a mean field model of superconducting vortices,SIAM J.Numer.Anal.,37(2000),911-826.

17.Jialin Hong,Ying Liu,Numerical simulation of periodic and quasiperiodic solutions for nonautonomous Hamiltonian systems via the scheme preserving weak invariance ,Computer Physics Communications,131(2000),86-94.

18.Jialin Hong , Rafael Obaya, Ana M.Sanz Ergodic solutions via ergodic sequences, Nonlinear Analysis,40(2000),265-277.

19.Jialin Hong,Ana I. Alonso,Rafael Obaya,Absolutely continuous dynamics and real coboundary cocycles in L-spaces, 0

20.Jialin Hong, Ana.I.Alonso, Rafael Obaya,Almost periodic type solutions of differential equations with piecewise constant argument via almost periodic type sequences, Applied Mathematics Letters,13(2000),131-137.

21.Jialin Hong, R. P. Agarwal, Y. Liu, A class of ergodic solutions of nonlinear differential equations and numerical treament, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 32(2000),493-506.

22.Hu Qiya ,Peng Long ,Multilevel correction for collocation solutions of Volterra nonlinear integro-differential equations ,Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences,13(2000),170-180.

23.Xing-Biao Hu,Hon-Wah Tam,Two integrable differential-difference equations exhibiting soliton solutions of the kaup--kupershmidt equation type,Physics Letters A, 272(2000),174-183.

24.Xing-Biao Hu,Hon-Wah Tam,Application of Hirota's bilinear formalism to a two-dimensional lattice by Leznov,Physics Letters A.,276(2000),65-72.

25.Xing-Biao Hu , Dao-Liu Wang,Hon-Wah Tam,wenxiu Ma,The Hirota-Satsuma coupled KDV equation and a coupled Ito system revisited, J.Phys.Soc.Japan,69(2000),45-52.

26. Xing-Biao Hu , Dao-Liu wang , Zuo-Nong Zhu,A differential difference Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon-kotera-Sawada equation,J.Phys.Soc.Japan,69(2000),1042-1049.

27.Xing-Biao Hu,Dao-Liu Wang ,Hon-Wah Tam ,Lax pairs and Backlund tranformations for a coupled Ramani equation and its related system,Appl.Math.Lett.,13(2000),45-48.

28.Xing-Biao Hu , Hon-wah Tam,Some new results on the Blaszak-Marciniak 3-field and 4-field lattices, Rep.Math.Phys.,46(2000),89-95.

29.Jian Li, Fourier-Legendre pseudospectral method for the Navier-Stokes equation, J.Comput.Math.,18(2000),225-238.

30.Jian Li, Heping Weiwei Sun, Error analysis fbr solving the Korteweg-de Vries equation by a Legendre pseudo-spectral method, Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations,16(2000),513-534.

31.Nie Jiawang,Yuan Yaxiang,A potential reduction algorithm for an extended SDP problem , science in china (Series A),43(2000),35-46.

32.Meng Zhao Qin,Pingfu Zhao, Approximations for KdV equation as a Hamiltonian system, Computers and Mathematics with Applications,39(2000),1-11.

33.Meng Zhao Qin, Pingfu Zhao, Multisymplectic geometry and multisympledic Preissmann scheme for the KdV equation, J.Phys.A:Math.Gen.,33(2000),3613-3626.

34.Meng Zhao Qin, Yajuan Sun, Construction of multisymplectic schemes of any finite order for modified wave equations,J.Math.Phys.,41(2000),1-15.

35.Zhong-Ci Shi,Xuejun Xu,A V-cycle multigrid method forTRUNC plate element,Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering,188(2000),483-493.

36.Zhong-Ci Shi,Xuejun Xu, Cascadic multigid for parabolic problems, Journal of Computational Mathematics,18(2000),551-560.

37.Hua-Zhong Tang, Hua-Mo Wu, Kinetic flux vector splitting for radiation hydrodynamical equations,Comput.& Flui.,29(2000),917-933.

38.Hua-Zhong Tang,Hua-Mo wu, on a cell entropy inequa1ity of the relaxing schemes for scalar conservation laws,J.Comput.Math.,18(2000),69-74.

39.Hua-Zhong Tang, Hua-Mo wu,On the explicit compact schemes II:Extension of the STCE/CE method on nonstaggered grids, J.Comput.Math.,18(2000)467-480.

40.Tang Hua-Zhong, Wu Hua-Mo, High resolution KFVS finite volume methods for multicomponent flow calculations,computing phisics,17(2000),179-186.

41. Hua-Zhong Tang ,On the central relaxing schemes I:single conservation laws, J.Comput.Math.,18(2000),313-324.

42.Yi-Fa Tang, On conjugate symplecticity of multi-step methods, J.Comput.Math.,18(2000),431-438.

43.Lie-Heng Wang,On the error estimate of linear finite element approximation to the elastic contact problem with curved contact boundary,J.Comput.Math.,18(2000),561-566.

44.Lie-Heng Wang ,Huoyuan Duan, Least squares mixed finite element method for saddle-point problem,J.Comput.Math.,18(2000),353-364.

45.Lie-Heng Wang,The L2-norm error estimate of nonconforming finite element method for the 2nd order elliptic problem with the lowest regularity, J.Comput.Math., 18(2000),277-282.

46.Zi-Luan Wei ,Subspace search method for a class of least squares problem,J.cmEput-Math.,18(2000),133-140.

47.Jinchao Xu, Aihui Zhou, Local and parallel finite element algorithms based on two-grid discretizations,Math.Comput.,69(1999),881-909.

48.Xuejun Xu,On the accuracy of nonconforming quadrilateral Q element approximation for the Navier-Stokes problem, SIAM J.Numer.Anal,38(2000),17-39.

49.Xuejun Xu,A discrete kons inequality in two and three dimensions, App.Math.Lett.,13(2000),99-102.

50.Xuejun Xu,Qing-Ping Deng,Shumin Shen,Maximum norm error estimates of Crouzeix-Raviart nonconforming finite element approximation of Navier-Stokes problem,J.Comput.Math.,18(2000),141-156.

51.Xuejun Xu , Li Likang , Nonnested multilevel preconditioning methods with.simple and identical come mesh correction spaces, Numer.Math., A Journal of Chinese. Univer.,9(2000),19-36.

52.Guangwu Yan, Li Yuan, Lattice Boltzmann solver of Rossler equation,. Communications in Nonlinear Science & Numerical Simulation,5(2000),64-68.

53.De-hao Yu, Jiming Wu, The overlapping domain decomposition method for harmonic equation over exterior three-dimentional domain, J.comput.Math.,18(2000),83-94.

54.Li Yuan, Guangwu Yan, Lattice Boltzmann model fbr the perfect gas f1ows with near-vacuum region, Communications in Nonlinear Science & Numerical Simulation, 5(2000),58-63.

55.Ya-Xiang Yuan ,Xiongda Chen, On local solutions of the Celis-Dennis-Tapia subproblem,SIAM J.Optim.,10(1999),359-383.

56.Ya-Xiang Yuan,K.Anstreicher , Xin Chen , H.Wolkowicz,, Strong duality for a trust-region type relaxation of the quadratic assignment problem, Linear Algebra and its Applications, 301(1999(,121-136.

57.Y.Yuan,On the truncated conjugate gradient method,Math.Program.,Ser.A 87(2000),561-571.

58.Zhang Linbo,Fu Dexun,Ma Yanwen, Direct numerical simulation of transition and turbulence in compressible mixing layer, Science in China (Series A),43(2000),421-429.

59.Zhang Linbo, On pipelined computation of a set of recurrences on distributed memory systems, J.Num.Methods&Comp.Appl.,20(1999),184-191.


Papers published in proceedings of symposia and conferences :

1.J.Z.Cui,Y.J.Shan,The two-scale analysis algorithms for the structure with several configurations of small periodicity , in Computational Techniques for Materials , Composites and Composite structures , Civil-Comp Press,Edinburgh,2000,255-364.


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