Publications  of  2002:

Monographs and printed lecture notes :

1. De-hao Yu, The Natural Boundary Integral Method and Its Applications, Kluwer Academic Publisher/Science Press, Beijing, New York, Dordrecht, Boston, London, Vol.539, 2002


Papers published in research journals :

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Papers published in proceedings of symposia and conferences :

1. Zhong-Zhi Bai, Convergence of asynchronous multisplitting two-stage relaxation methods for block systems of weakly nonlinear equations, In Proceedings of the Fifth China-Japan Seminar on Numerical Mathematics, Z.-C. Shi and H. Kawarada eds., Science Press of China, Beijing/New York, (2002), 1-14.

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3. Qiang Du, M. Gunzburger, Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Based Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Analysis, Proc. of 2002 ASME fluids engineering division summer meeting (FEDSM'02), 2002, 31-52.

4. Qi-Ya Hu,A New Kind of Preconditioner for Interface Eguations of Mortar Multipliers on Subspaces, Recentprogress in computational and Applied pdes Conference proceedings for the International Conference Held in Zhangjiajie in July 2001,203-214, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

5. De-hao Yu,Long-Hua Zhao, Analysis of hypersingular residuals and a posteriori error estimates in boundary element methods, Boundary Element Techniques, Proc. of 3rd Inter. Conf. on Boundary Element Techniques, Eds. Z. Yao & M.H. Aliabadi, Tsinghua University Press/Springer, 2002, 261-266.

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7. Y.D. Feng, Y.S. Wang, J.Z.Cui, Transient BEM Analysis of Plane Wave Scattering from an Inclusion with an Unilateral Frictional Contact Interface, Proc.3-rd Intern. Conf. On BeTeQ, Sep.10-12,2002, Beijing, Boundary Element Techniques,Tsinghua University Press Springer, 2002,27-33.


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