Publications  of  2003:

Monographs and printed lecture notes :


2.Yuan Yaxiang, Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization, Science Press, Beijing/New York, ISBN 7-03-011919-3.


Papers published in research journals :

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Papers published in proceedings of symposia and conferences :

1. Pingbing Ming and Zhong-ci Shi, Some low order quadrilateral R-M plate elements, Contemporary Mathematics, AMS 330, 155-168, 2003.

2. Zhong-ci Shi, A mortar element method for a P1 bending problem, DDM 15, July, 2003(Germany).

3. Guoliang Xu, Adaptive and Smooth Surface Construction by Triangular A-Patches, AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics, pages 213-225, Volume 34, 2003.

4. Y. Yuan, Some Problems in nonlinear programming, Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization(Science Press, Beijing/NewYork, 2003) 98-110.


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