Academic Staff of ICMSEC:


      Zhong-Zhi Bai   Numerical linear algebra, Parallel computations
      Li-qun Cao   Multiscale computation
      Zhi-ming Chen   Finite element method, Maxwell equations, Flow transport in
  porous media
          Tao Cui   Parallel computing, electromagnetic computing
       Xiao-ying Dai   Finite element method, eigenvalue problem
      Yu-hong Dai   Nonlinear optimization
      Jia-lin Hong   Structure-preserving algorithms for dynamical systems
      Qi-ya Hu   Integral equation, domain decomposition
      Xing-biao Hu   Soliton theory and integrable systems
      Xin Liu   Computational Methods for Optimization
      Ben-zhuo Lu   Biological computation and simulation
     Shi-peng Mao   Finite element methods, Adaptive algorithms,
  Computational fluid dynamics
      Ping-bing Ming   Finite element methods, Nonconforming methods, Multiscale
  modelling and computation
      Ya-juan Sun   Geometric Numerical Integration for ODEs and PDEs
      Yi-fa Tang   Symplectic Algorithms for Hamiltonian Systems, Numerical
  Analysis of Fractional Differential Equations with Applications
      He-hu Xie   Numerical methods for partial differential equations,
  eigenvalue problems and integral-differential equations
      Xue-jun Xu   Finite element method, domain decomposition
      Zhi-qiang Xu   Approximation theory, Data Sciences and Computational Harmonic Analysis
     Hai-jun Yu   Complex fluids, numerical methods for high dimensional problems,
  spectral method
      Li Yuan   Computational fluid dynamics
      Ya-xiang Yuan   Nonlinear optimization
      Lin-bo Zhang   Parallel computing
      Wen-sheng Zhang   Inverse problem
      Wei-ying Zheng   Finite element method, Electromagnetic and optical computation
      Ai-hui Zhou   Finite element method, eigenvalue problem, chaotic dynamics

        Associate Professor:

      Xiangke Chang   Numerical algorithms, approximation problems and inverse problems related to integrable systems
      Chong Chen   Biomedical Imaging, Image Processing,
  Visualization in Scientific Computing
       Chuchu Chen   Structure-preserving algorithms for stochastic (partial) differential equations
      Wei Gong   Numerical methods for optimal control problems,
  finite element method
      Ji-zu Huang   Multiscale model and parallel algorithm
      Ya-feng Liu   Optimization algorithm and its applications to wireless communications
      Wei Leng   Numerical methods for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
  Seismic Imaging
       Jie Xu   Modeling and simulation of liquid crystals,Numerical methods for gradient flows
      Xian-min Xu   Computational materials, multi-scale methods
        Tao Yin   Boundary Integral Equation, Direct and Inverse Scattering Problem
     Chen-song Zhang   Adaptive finite element methods, multigrid methods
      Shuo Zhang   Finite element methods, fast solvers for linear systems
      Tao Zhou   Stochastic Computations, Uncertainty Quantification

        Assistant Professor:

      Junjie Ma   Signal Processing, Probabilistic Graphical Model, Optimization Algorithms and Applications

Supporting Staff of ICMSEC:

      Jin Chen   Secretary
      Ru-juan Ding   Secretary
      Xiang-yang Ge   Editor
      Ying Liu   Secretary
      Ying Qian   Computer System Administrator
      Ji-ping Wu   Secretary

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