The Annual Conference 
of State Key Laboratory Scientific and Engineering Computing (LSEC) 
June 1-2, 2009
Beijing, China 
This Conference  is organized by and held at the State Key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering 
Computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Invited Speakers:
  Wei Ge (Institute of Process Engineering,CAS,China)     
  Zonglin Jiang (Institute of Mechanics,CAS, China)     Talk
  Jinghai Li (Institute of Process Engineering,CAS,China)     Talk
  Genghua Shi (Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,China)     Talk
  Chi-wang Shu  (Brown Univ., USA)     Talk
  Yajuan Sun (Chinese Academy of Sciences , China )     Talk
  Tao Tang  (Hong Kong Baptist Univ.& ICMSEC, CAS , Hongkong)     Talk
  Jinchao Xu  (Penn State Univ., USA)     Talk
  Zhiqiang Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences , China )     Talk
  Bo Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences ,  China )     Talk
  Linbo Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences , China )     Talk
  Aihui Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences , China )     Talk
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Ms Ding Ruquan
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Chinese Academy of Sciences 
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