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Supporting Staff of ICMSEC
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  • Supporting Staff of ICMSEC

    Ying Liu

    Ying LiuDirector

    Email:liuying@lsec.cc.ac.cn Telephone:0086-10-82541740 Office:Room 728, South Building
    Jin Chen

    Jin Chen Secretary

    Email:chenjin@lsec.cc.ac.cn Telephone:0086-10-82541989 Office:Room 728, South Building
    Ru-juan Ding

    Ru-juan Ding Secretary

    Email:dingrj@lsec.cc.ac.cn Telephone:0086-10-82541031 Office:Room 214, Lanbai Building
    Ying Qian

    Ying Qian Computer System Administrator

    Email:qianying@lsec.cc.ac.cn Telephone:0086-10-82541705 Office:Room 214, Lanbai Building