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Intermittency and Rain Formation
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Itzhak Fouxon, Doctor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel
Haijun Yu, Professor
Intermittency and Rain Formation
Time and place:
19:00-19:55 May 16 (Thursday), Tencent Meeting: 465-407-256

Air turbulence in warm clouds is a significant component in rain formation. Large drops form in the cloud by the combined action of vapor condensation on nuclei, gravitational settling, and collisions of droplets. In this talk, we demonstrate that intermittency, one of the critical properties of high Reynolds number flows, might play a vital role in resolving the long-standing bottleneck problem: the passage from condensation to collisional growth. We demonstrate that rare, strong vortices could be extremely efficient "droplet colliders."

Bio: Itzhak Fouxon has Ph. D from Weizmann Institute of Science in turbulence and complex systems. Itzhak worked in turbulence in Newtonian fluids and polymer solutions, both incompressible and compressible, in magnetohydrodynamics and general smooth systems, in low-Reynolds number hydrodynamics and swimming of microorganisms, in black holes (with discover of black hole entropy J. Bekenstein), in linear and non-linear geophysical waves, turbulent transport of tracers and inertial particles with emphasis on multifractal properties, and more. Itzhak is currently a researcher at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.