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Xingbiao Hu
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Xingbiao Hu,  Professor

  • Research direction:

    Soliton theory and integrable systems
  • Representative work:

    [1] X. B. Hu, A powerful approach to generate new integrable systems. J. Phys. A 27(1994)(7), 2497–2514
    [2] X.B. Hu, H.Y. Wang, Construction of dKP and BKP equations with self-consistent sources. Inverse Problems 22(2006)(5), 1903–1920.
    [3] Y. He, X.B. Hu, J.Q. Sun, E.J. Weniger, Convergence acceleration algorithm via an equation related to the lattice Boussinesq equation. SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 33(2011)(3), 1234–1245.
    [4] X.K. Chang, X.M. Chen, X.B. Hu, A generalized nonisospectral Camassa-Holm equation and its multipeakon solutions. Adv. Math. 263(2014), 154–177
    [5] B. Wang, X.K. Chang, X.B. Hu, S.H. Li, Discrete invariant curve flows, orthogonal polynomials, and moving frame. IMRN 2021(2021)(14), 11050–11092
  • Contact information:

    Office:Room 730, South Building Telephone:0086-10-82541928 Email:hxb@lsec.cc.ac.cn