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Shipeng Mao
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Shipeng Mao,  Professor

  • Research direction:

    Finite element methods, Adaptive algorithms, Computational fluid dynamics
  • Representative work:

    1. Q. Ding, X. Long, S. Mao, Convergence analysis of a fully discrete finite element method for thermally coupled MHD problems with temperature-dependent coefficients, ESAIM. Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis, 56(2022),969-1005.
    2. R. Hiptmair, L. Li, S. Mao, W. Zheng, A fully divergence-free finite element method for magnetohydrodynamic equations, Math. Model Methods Appl. Sci.(M3AS), 28 (2018), 659-695.
    3. R. Hiptmair, C. Jerez, S. Mao, Extension by zero in discrete trace spaces: inverse estimates, Math. Comp., 84 (2015), 2589-2615.
    4. R. Becker, S. Mao, Quasi-optimality of adaptive nonconforming finite element methods for the Stokes equations, SIAM J. Numer. Anal., 49 (2011), 970-991. 
    5. S. Mao, Z.C. Shi, High accuracy analysis of two nonconforming plate elements, Numerische Mathematik, 111(2009), 407-443.
  • Contact information:

    Office:Room 306, Lanbai Building Telephone:0086-10-82541040 Email:maosp@lsec.cc.ac.cn